Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Designing my website - Making Progress!

Designing my Website! Making progress!

Over the past week I have started to design my own website. I have been thinking of designs for my 'About Me' section and what information to use. 
Here are a few snapshots of my site designs so far. Im quite happy with the outcome but there is still a lot needs tweaking...

 I wanted to incorporate my own designs into my website somehow, so I tried out my floral black pattern from my 'Bird and Flower' collection. I think this may be too bold and looks a bit more like a blog than a website. I'll have to think of a better layout idea to showcase my work better.

I think this design, above, opens the page up more, with the black design being smaller and the use of the white banner at the top. I have also added button areas down the right side of the page to link to my other pages on the internet.

So I decided to slightly re-invent the page and got rid of the use of the black design, and the page looks much more contemporary. I started to add detail snapshots of my designs to give the viewer an idea of what my designs are about.

Here is where I have got up to so far. I've added the rest of my detail images at the bottom. I'm not too sure the font of my writing is  how I want it yet, so I'll probably tweak that next. I also want to get a better photo, maybe of me in my studio working.

I'll be washing some of my digitally printed fabrics tomorrow, ready to make my cushions! When they are finished I'll pop a photo up. ^^

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Designing my website!!

Designing my Website - Abigayle Coghlan Textiles

Ok so I've decided to design my own website, which is quite the task but I'm now getting used to the design features on Dreamweaver and Fireworks, which are quite easy to pick up after a bit of playing round.

Here are some of my design concepts so far for my main page, though I'll probably change it a billion times before it's even half way finished.

  I wanted to try a few different layouts to get me going and so far this process has worked quite well, as I want to get the balance between information and design right, without it being too busy.

This concept is quite pale so I went and put more colour in it to see if it would brighten my image up. I also changed my name as I want it bolder and more easy to read.

 I like the cross-hatch effect on the pink strip at the top of my main website page. It makes my brand name visible and easier to read, unlike the one above it.

The last design I played around with was quite pink, and I want my brand image to maybe be a bit cleaner. My next designs are going to be more minimalist in colour so my work stands out more. I cant wait to get stuck in!

I'm very excited to get my website up and running but it will take some time and plenty of tea and coffee to get me through it ^^ I'll keep updating! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New design work - It's all about Birds!

New Design work

Over the past few weeks I have been working on a few briefs with various companies. Here are a few of my bird illustrations I have been working on recently. I am going to be focusing on my flowers more this week now, to create repeat patterns for bedding. I want to create a bright floral collection, with light feminine colours. 

Yellow Bird for greetings card design

Parrot for greetings card design

Inspirational Images

I found this photo whilst browsing the internet. I think it's Beautiful...

Colours- Decisions Decisions...

So I have been looking at different colour pallets on Pinterest and here are a few I really liked.I want to keep it bright but also take into account it's coming into Autumn/Winter, so Iv'e looked at quite a few.


Business Boom Bolton

Recently I have had my work shown on Business Boom Bolton which is showcasing my work from my degree. It's still up today so have a look! ^^ Here are a few previews of my work and profile


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I'm also thinking of entering this competition which looks really fun to design for.... I'll update about this soon!

Urban Outfitters Competition

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Business Boom Bolton- Abigayle Coghlan

 Website Feature News- Textile Design

Today my work has been put up on the Business Boom Bolton website at http://businessboombolton.com/2013/09/05/abigayle-coghlan/#respond  Very exciting stuff. There is also a bit about me and how I design and paint. So have a look. I'd love to hear what you think!