Saturday, 31 August 2013

Finishing Uni and Freelance Opportunities- Design!Design!Design!

Finishing University and Freelance Opportunities

 Over the past few months I've been trawling the internet for job opportunities, whilst working freelance on a tableware collection, and getting my dinosaur print ready to be shown at Indigo Brussels in Sept along with the rest of my previous work.

It's all been very exciting and new, though knackering as I've now been to London 4 times these past two months, haha.

I'm very excited about the last visit I made, which was to the Moonpig and Paper shaker studios to a graduate creative day, where I was asked to complete two briefs over the next two weeks.(very exciting). Here is the group photo of us in the design area.

I can't wait to get painting! Also the new selvedge magazine came today! Loving it! 

I'll Keep you posted!!

Have a fab weekend all!