Sunday, 16 December 2012

Final Samples for fabrics

Final Samples For Fabrics for 'Tropical" Brief

 Tropical fabric 1 - parrot and peacock.

 Tropical Fabric 2 - Floral pink and toucan

Seahorse and urchins

Blue fish and Coral

I'm pleased with how my fabrics samples have come out and I cant wait to develop them further in the new year! I think my designs would look better if there was more variety so im going to get painting more urchins and fish soon!! 
Have a lovely Holliday everyone xx

Final Samples - Bird and Flower

Final Samples For my 'Bird and Flower' Wallpaper Collection within my 'Tropical' Brief

 yellow birds

 flowers and flying toucan

 mexican flowers

 tropical birds

 jungle birds

 Peacock prints

 flower and toucan

Flying birds and blossom

The 'Flower and Bird' collection I did as part of my 'Tropical' themed brief at university has been very inspirational and fun to produce. I think my collection as a whole has moved forward from my earlier developments, and I'm happy with the results. 

Final Samples- fish and coral

Fish and Coral Collection- 'Tropical' Brief

crab and jellyfish

 Coral and Starfish

Narwhal and shells




sea urchin and coral

whale and seahorse

Here are my final samples for the 'fish and coral' collection within my tropical themed brief at University. I think my final pieces have turned out well for this collection and i cant wait to get painting more fish!!